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This ride idea started soon after I started riding.  Riding around the world seemed like a great adventure, and I read several accounts to get an idea of what it would entail.

That research, combined with opportunities to talk with riders who have been many places, focused me on a more specific ride goal.  The Prudhoe Bay-Ushuaia ride--in either direction--is a more common adventure these days, but not long ago it was quite unique.

In 2006, as I started a two-year plan toward retirement and this awesome ride, I began making plans in greater detail, but I was reluctant to make my plans too firm.  Being locked in to an unalterable plan is no fun.  I settled into a general idea of roughly where I wanted to be, and when, and I left it at that.  The only firm goal was complete the extremes of the ride within a single year.

Retirement came in early 2008, and ride plans were pretty well set to do Alaska in June/July, then head south with my friend, Don at the end of September.  We intended to be in Ushuaia by the end of that year, and had few other goals aside from that.  Even the return plans were vague.  I originally intended to ride all the way back, but I didn't know how I would feel about it when the time came.

Enjoy the report.  I've also entered some information on the ride prep and bike modifications.

The ride to Prudhoe Bay is complete, and is in the ride report.

The ride to Ushuaia is also done and I'm back home now.  I did a page on my afterthoughts as well.

- Martin
  August, 2009



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